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Our Approach

At Spirent, we recognise that the world is facing unprecedented challenges and for us to be successful in the long-term, we must ensure our business is resilient and sustainable.

Our approach

Our sustainability approach includes the management of environmental, social and corporate governance issues. It is focused on identifying and managing the material sustainability risks and opportunities for the Group, and has four key principles:

Effective management
Our senior management will set strategy and lead programme implementation.

The Group will engage with our key stakeholders and report our progress.

Data driven and accountable
The Group will set targets and monitor performance to drive continuous improvement.

Action focused
The Group will design and implement effective programmes to deliver targeted improvement.

Our sustainability programme: FuturePositive

Environmental, social and governance issues are managed together through our sustainability improvement programme: FuturePositive. The objectives of FuturePositive are to embed sustainability management across our organisation and to create value by supporting customers to address their sustainability challenges.