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Focused on FuturePositive

At Spirent, we recognise that the world is facing unprecedented challenges and for us to be successful in the long-term, we must ensure our business is resilient and sustainable. For Spirent, this means supporting a robust economic, social and environmental system.

Our work in this area is led by our sustainability programme, FuturePositive. Through this programme, we have embedded the highest standards of environmental management, social practices and corporate governance in our business and supply chain, and help our customers tackle important global sustainability challenges.

Our approach

Our sustainability approach includes the management of environmental, social and corporate governance issues. It is focused on identifying and managing the material sustainability risks and opportunities for the Group, and has four key principles:

  • Effective management
    Our senior management will set strategy and lead programme implementation.

  • Transparency
    The Group will engage with our key stakeholders and report our progress.

  • Data driven and accountable
    The Group will set targets and monitor performance to drive continuous improvement.

  • Action focused
    The Group will design and implement effective programmes to deliver targeted improvement.

For the last five years, our sustainability programme has been structured around five key areas: products, procurement, people, property and responsible business practices.

During 2020, we developed a new strategy for the next five years, clustered around five key promises.

Our sustainability strategy

Through our sustainability strategy, we aim to help deliver a sustainable future and operate with integrity.

Our vision

Our solutions will help deliver on the promise of a sustainable future for all. We will operate with integrity, respecting the environment and people everywhere.

Promise of a sustainable future

Our promise: We will showcase the environmental benefits that our solutions deliver for customers and embed sustainability into our go-to-market strategy.

Net zero carbon

Our promise: We aim to achieve carbon neutral certification in two years, and work towards net zero carbon by 2035 through energy efficiency, 100 per cent renewable electricity and carbon offsets.

Promote diversity and invest in people

Our promise: We will take action on diversity and set clear objectives. We will attract and develop talent and skills to drive innovation and support long-term sustainable growth. We will also enable and embed flexible working across all our operations.

Operate responsibly

Our promise: We will roll out ISO 14001 management system practices globally and work towards sending zero waste to landfill. We will embed circular economy principles in our product design and reduce sustainability impacts in our supply chain.

Be accountable and transparent

Our promise: We will expand our sustainability governance structures and reporting, and communicate regularly with staff on FuturePositive targets and progress.


Our sustainability management is governed by an overarching sustainability policy. The policy commits all Group business units to compliance with high standards of ethics and business integrity, environmental management and employee and community welfare.

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