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Incorporating sustainability thinking into solution functionality and design

The sustainability performance of our products is important. We are able to help customers to reduce their environmental impact with our solutions through automation, virtualisation and improved efficiency. We are also working to improve the sustainability performance of our hardware, reducing material use, power demand and noise.


  • Product functionality: Provide solutions that reduce our customers’ environmental impacts and help them to develop new technologies that address global sustainability challenges.

  • Sustainable product design: Minimise the impact of our own products, including environmentally friendly product design, energy and material efficiency, and Solutions-as-a-Service.

2020 highlights

  • Four labs into one: Using Velocity automation and remote access tools, we helped a leading access technology manufacturer consolidate four global labs into one, reducing the total lab area by 71 per cent.

  • 80 per cent less energy: With 20 radio channels, the upgraded C50 network test appliance uses 80 per cent less energy than a similar radio count test set-up using its predecessor.

“It is more important than ever to take global action on climate change and this year we have continued to help reduce the environmental impacts of our customer’s operations and our own test solutions.”
Mark Holbrow
Engineering and Product Development Director, FuturePositive Product Lead

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