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Incorporating sustainability thinking into products through innovation and new products

The sustainability performance of our products is important. There are opportunities to improve margin by reducing the energy and material use in product development, manufacturing and logistics, and as sustainability challenges become more acute for our customers, there are also opportunities to develop new revenue streams from test functionality and to use our sustainability messages in our marketing.


  • Product functionality: Provide solutions that reduce our customers’ environmental impacts and help them to develop new technologies that address global sustainability challenges

  • Sustainable product design: Minimise the impact of our own products, including environmentally friendly product design, energy and material efficiency, and Solutions-as-a-Service


  • 88 per cent faster: Introducing Velocity to automate testing at our Positioning lab has helped reduce the time to complete the QTM satellite track validation test from 60 hours to 7

  • 70 per cent lighter: The new 1U Nebula product is 60kg lighter and uses at least 20 per cent less power than the previous 11U chassis

"Spirent is a global leader in innovation technology test and assurance solutions. Through our test solutions and professional services, we help companies adopt, develop, test and assure the next generation of communication technologies."
Mark Holbrow
Engineering and Product Development Director, GNSS, FuturePositive Product Lead