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Managing sustainability impacts and risks in the supply chain

Our responsibility towards society and environment extends to those we influence through our supply chain. We want to take all our suppliers with us on our journey to greater sustainability and use better practices to driver commercial performance.


  • Supplier screening: We review the environmental, social and governance practices of suppliers during the supplier selection process

  • Ongoing supplier engagement: We have a programme of ongoing paper-based and on-site reviews and audits to ensure compliance and to drive continuous improvement


  • In 2019, we conducted 22 on-site supplier audits

  • 89 per cent of our hardware spend was with suppliers that have been audited in the last four years, which exceeded our target of 85 per cent

  • 75 per cent of our components are sourced from suppliers that have been audited by us directly, our contract manufacturers or through recognised industry audit schemes

“Spirent has a global supply chain and sustainability issues play a key part in the way we select and manage our suppliers. We set high standards on environmental management, socially responsible business practices and corporate governance for our suppliers, and work in partnership to deliver improvements.”
Jim Klaassen
Vice President Global Operations, FuturePositive Procurement Lead