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Who we are

Spirent helps our customers manage the complexity of their devices, networks and services, enabling them to keep the promises they make to their customers while reducing cost. We provide innovative test and assurance solutions and trusted expertise that allow our customers to bring better quality products and services to market faster, to automate the turn-up of new services and to proactively identify and resolve problems in their production networks.

Across every one of our businesses we are accelerating the transition of testing and evaluation of devices, network equipment and applications from development labs to the operational network, and evolving from a product-centric to a customer-centric organisation. We will continue to innovate towards fully automated testing and autonomous service assurance and analytics solutions.

What we do

Networks & Security

This segment consists of the Cloud and IP and Positioning lines of business. Networks & Security is a world leader in high-speed Ethernet/IP performance testing, and develops test methodologies, tools and services for virtualised networks and cloud. We provide consulting services, test tools, methodologies and proactive security validation solutions. We continue to be the world leader for global navigation satellite system (GNSS) simulation products and tailored solutions as we expand into the positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) market.


Lifecycle Service Assurance

Lifecycle Service Assurance segment is a global leader in lab-based testing of mobile core networks, as well as cellular and Wi-Fi devices. It also provides solutions that radically reduce the time and cost to turn-up new services and to rapidly diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve issues with production networks and services. We do this through automation, visibility and analytics, all of which improve customer satisfaction and retention while reducing the cost and complexity of operating and managing a network.