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Business Model

Delivering value across the lab-to-live lifecycle.

We are behind our customers’ promise to deliver a new generation of innovative products & services to their customers. With them in every phase of the lifecycle from development in the lab-to-live deployment & operation, ensuring that new technology works.


Lab-to-live lifecycle needs


As our customers grapple with cloud networking complexity, the need to shift from a telco to IT mindset, and the implications of an expanding vendor ecosystem, they are transforming technology development in the lab with agile, continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices. Adoption of CI/CD faces headwinds as required cloud, security and automation skills are in short supply across many industries.


The transformation to CI/CD brings with it a heightened pace of technology releases which must be rapidly deployed to live environments. At the same time, new services and applications from edge computing to drone navigation come with higher performance expectations. Legacy, manual processes for deploying and operating new technology must give way to automated turn-up, monitoring and troubleshooting.

Spirent's unique value

Accelerate time to market

With years of leadership in automated cloud, network and security testing, Spirent has the expertise, test platforms and services to provide our customers solutions to rapidly adopt CI/CD and achieve new levels of agility.

Bring new technology releases to market in weeks, not months

Optimise user experience

Our Active Test technology proactively and continuously monitors cloud-based networks and services, automatically isolating problems and ensuring service levels are maintained.

Rapidly find, pinpoint and fix issues before end-users are impacted

Reduce cost and complexity

Our certification and validation solutions recreate real-world conditions such as heavy traffic loads to help the industry ensure new multi-vendor networks, devices and services perform flawlessly together.

Manage vendors to keep costs and rising deployment complexity in check

Harden security defences

As telco networks become software running on the cloud, the cybersecurity attack surface expands exponentially. Our security solutions recreate real-world cyberattacks and scan for vulnerabilities to allow proactive mitigation.

Proactively find security weaknesses and prepare for attacks before they happen