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Business Model

Delivering value across the technology lifecycle.

We stand behind our customers’ promise to successfully deliver a new generation of technologies to their customers, from the lab to the real-world. We are with them every step of the way.


Lifecycle needs


As a new generation of network and positioning technologies arrive, the complexity of developing and securing new products and services continues to surge. Traditional approaches to innovation have required months or even years to bring major new offerings to market. In today’s competitive market, our customers seek to transition to a more agile approach with a constant stream of releases every four to six weeks


Technology is a critical driver of complexity during the development phase, but vendor combinations are a key challenge during deployment. As service providers (SP) embrace new Cloud-based technologies such as 5G & SD-WAN, their network ecosystem becomes much more fragmented with Cloud software, servers & network functions from different vendors on different release cycles. SPs & vendors need unified testing programmes to assure all components work together before new products & services go live


New networks are not just more complex, they are also designed to rapidly reconfigure to meet constantly changing customer needs. Manual troubleshooting techniques simply cannot keep up with the pace of change, necessitating a shift to proactive, automated detection and resolution of performance and security issues