Certain of the matters specifically reserved for the Board's decision have been delegated to Committees with clearly defined terms of reference which, together with the composition of each Committee, are reviewed annually.

The UK Corporate Governance Code states that the terms of reference of the Audit, Remuneration, and Nomination Committees of the Board of the Company should be made available to the public on request and placed on the Company's website. The terms of reference of these three committees can be found in this section.

Spirent Communications plc Board of Directors membership of Audit, Remuneration and Nomination Committees:-


  Audit Committee Remuneration Committee Nomination Committee Disclosure Committee
Terms of Reference, Download as a PDF Link Link Link Link
Eric Updyke, Chief Executive Officer –- Member
Paula Bell, Chief Financial Officer Member
Sir Bill Thomas, Chairman Chairman
Jonathan Silver, Senior Independent Non-Executive Director Chairman Member Member 
Gary Bullard, Independent Non-Executive Director Member Chairman Member 
Wendy Koh, Independent Non-Executive Director   Member   Member  Member 
Edgar Masri, Independent Non-Executive Director   Member  Member Member