Our Approach

Our sustainability approach includes the management of environmental, social and corporate governance issues. It is focused on identifying and managing the material sustainability risks and opportunities for the Group, and has four key principles:

  • Effective management: Our senior management will set strategy and lead programme implementation
  • Transparency: The Group will engage with our key stakeholders and report our progress
  • Data driven and accountable: The Group will set targets and monitor performance to drive continuous improvement
  • Action focused: The Group will design and implement effective programmes to deliver targeted improvement

Sustainability Strategy

We have designed a sustainability framework which we have been implementing in phases. The key components of the framework include

  1. Property: Minimising environmental impacts from properties
    Most of our direct environmental impacts occur within our own properties: energy use and carbon emissions are particularly important, alongside general environmental management. Our aim is to reduce the environmental impacts that arise in our properties as far as possible.
  2. Products: Incorporating sustainability thinking into products through innovation and new products
    The sustainability performance of our products is important. There are significant impacts and risks that occur in the supply chain, during use and at the end-of-life. Much of these are covered by legislation such as human and labour rights and the use of hazardous materials, but there are also opportunities to improve margin by reducing the energy and material use in product development, manufacturing and logistics.
    As sustainability challenges become more acute for our customers, there are also opportunities to develop new revenue streams from test functionality and to use our sustainability messages in our marketing.
  3. People: Providing our people with the skills and resources to address sustainability issues effectively
    A key part of our commitment to sustainability is to our people. We have set ourselves the highest standards in ethics, equality, diversity and wellbeing and will ensure that we provide our staff with the right skills and knowledge to deliver our sustainability programme effectively.
    Our commitment to people extends beyond our business, and we know that we have a duty to make sure that the same high standards for labour and human rights are applied across our entire supply chain.<.li>
  4. Procurement: Managing sustainability impacts and risks in the supply chain
    Our responsibility towards society and environment extends to those we influence through our supply chain. We want to take all our suppliers with us in our journey to greater sustainability and use better practices to driver commercial performance.

FuturePositive: Sustainability Programme

Environmental, social and governance issues are managed together through our sustainability improvement programme: FuturePositive. The objectives of FuturePositive are to embed sustainability management across our organisation and to create value by supporting customers to address their sustainability challenges.